All our instructors are friendly, highly qualified and passionate about Pilates.  Your teacher will assess your body, tailor a programme for you and teach you to perform the exercises correctly, making them as gentle or as challenging as required.
Rosie Toon - Matwork and Equipment Teacher / Physiotherapist
MCSP SRP HPC Registered

Rosie has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2004 and opened South Gloucestershire’s first Pilates studio. Her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates is infectious, inspiring hundreds of men and women to take up the exercise.

Rosie was a Chartered Physiotherapist for more than 30 years and now specifically works with clients who have chronic low back pain. Clients who have had long term pain or back surgery need rehab at a clinical level. Once confidence is regained with 1;1 Pilates sessions they can move on to join a class and return to normal function.

Rosie’s physiotherapy background allows her to adopt a holistic approach in her teaching.

Jo Daley - Matwork and Equipment Teacher

Jo trained with the world famous Lynne Robinson at Body Control Pilates in London. She is fully trained as a certified Studio teacher and also as a Level 4 Backcare Practitioner accepting medical referrals.

Jo's passion for a practice that focuses on precision of movement and strength drives her to continually develop her skills. She specialises in hypermobility, focusing  on the development of a mind body connection. This along with effective muscle usage can provide rehabilitation and management of chronic pain.

Jo has recently trained in the classical method of Pilates and all studio equipment...reformer/cadillac/chair/barrel. She combines this with her professional expertise to enable her classes to be challenging and uplifting giving clients the opportunity to progress.

Karen Brown

Karen discovered Pilates in 1990, when it helped her recover from a back injury after falling from a horse. At that time, only a few equipment based studios offered the method, and she was astonished by the improvement in her body awareness, posture and strength.  She trained with Body Control Pilates in 2014.

Karen brings a unique blend of skills to her clients by combining an acute eye for detail from her previous career as a designer to the precision movements needed in Pilates.

She is a qualified teacher in Bone Health/osteoporosis and in 'Pilates for the Older Person'. Both of these focus on functional movement and increased mobility, which in turn gives people more confidence and joy in their daily lives.